Focusing on your goals

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The Thing you desire the most is headed your way.  Are you ready to receive it?

One of the primary reasons we do not get what we desire is because of the lies we keep telling ourselves that we can’t have it all. Call it a cynical approach but most times it is our thoughts that act like sworn enemies and stop us from manifestation.

Naturally because we have been telling us we can’t have it - we put that vibration in the Universe and hence meet all people in our life who keep repeating the same through mirror neurons. Thus we create our own reality

Today let us do this quick exercise.

Let us look at that BIG GOAL you would like to achieve. Perhaps it is your ideal job where you want to join. Or perhaps you are looking to create your own business. Or planning to reach a particular level of sales in your work. Or wanting to go on a dream vacation to Bora Bora with your family. Or wanting to be a best seller author. Or wanting to win a gold in olympics.

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High achievers

Only 2-3% of the World's population is able to be legendary,living the life of their dreams and are what we call high achievers .. Do you know why is that?
It is because the today's world is struggling to be as Mediocre as possible .. our schools, educational institutions,work places teach us to be mediocre because
..mediocre is secure
..mediocre is comfortable
..mediocre is where most of the people we know are and we are so keen to be part of them
We don't want to stand out..because then we won't fit in - we ll be called as weird

What if you could let go of all judgements of the world
What if Mediocrity is just not your cup of tea
What if I tell you you are meant to be legendary

Are you willing to give up all addictions of mediocrity to be a high achiever?

Commitment and Discipline

Lessons to learn from Ganesha

Commitment ,Discipline and Dedication

As legend has it, Mahabharata is Ved Vyas’ creation but it is said to be written by Lord Ganesha himself. Ved Vyas approached Ganesha so that he could transcribe the epic story as he narrated it to him. The condition was that Vyas had to narrate it without break and Ganesha would write it in a single go.

As they progressed in writing the story, there came a point where the quill that Ganesha was using to write it down broke and he had no other quills with him at that moment. Ved Vyas could not stop narrating the story since the condition was already set in stone for him. Without wasting any time, Ganesha quickly broke off one of his own tusks and fashioned it into a pen, using it to continue writing the epic without interruption. This allowed the epic to become a holy one and Ganesha and Vyas ended up completing it together.

Lessons to learn

This story of Ganesha shows very clearly how necessary it is to be disciplin…

Breathing correctly is the most happening thing right now

Breathing correctly is the most happening thing right now

“If there is anything divine in you it is your breath.”
Yogi Bhajan

It is a sad we were taught everything in school from trigonometry to statistics and studied in a system where ‘bookish’ academic knowledge was a measure of intelligence. But we weren’t taught how to breathe.

Breath is life and hence it is called “Prana” in Sanskrit. What I am writing here is not just spirituality or philosophy but science which if applied to day to day life can give you not just better health but better relationships, smooth career growth and abundance in your life.

According to Gabrielle Bernstein - New Yorks best seller author and a Kundalini yoga teacher - when you feel stuck in your life - in your career, relationships and life overall it is because you have been breathing the opposite way. It is ok don’t judge yourself as right or wrong - we weren’t taught these things ever!

Have you checked how you breathe?
Some ways to do so

Pay attenti…

Self Care

Self Care

Self Care is highly underrated and grossly misunderstood. It is much more than just bubble baths or binge watching.

Taking care of yourself is instrumental in your life. When you take care of yourself you
- Are fit physically
- Strong mentally
- Balanced emotionally

Thus all around you benefit
- Your Family: You can be there for them and spend more happy time
- Workplace : Better concentration levels & High productivity
- You : Good health and Live a better life

What happens if there is no self care?
So what happens when your phone runs out of battery?
However expensive it is and how much ever apps you have- you can’t use it. Can you?

Exactly when you exhaust your own batteries- you won’t be able to do anything you desire. Forget being there for others - you won’t be there for yourself .

No Self care isn’t selfish. Infact lack of self care can be self destructive and can also affect your family, work life and social circle.

So now how do we practice self care?
Although …

Are you kind to yourself?

Are you kind to yourself? How are you treating yourself today?
“Your Outer world is simply a hreflection of inner world “ - Deepak Chopra
Everyone deserves to be treated well whether you are old or young or man or a woman rich or poor or anyone and everyone 
While growing up we were taught to be kind to others.. respect others ..not to be rude to others but we were not taught how to respect ourselves kind to ourselves and talk politely to ourselves
Our inner talk later determines how we treat ourselves and that is an important aspect of our life which we have been ignoring all throughout time. The way people treat us is a mere reflection of how our internal talk goes.
Let me give you a small example ..almost a year ago while conducting a workshop when I spoke to a few of my candidates about how their internal talk goes with themselves after committing a mistake ..initially they said “ I feel bad”  On asking them  “What happens when you feel bad - like how do you talk to yourself?”  They we…

Art of communicating Authentically

The Art of communicating Authentically in formal situations 
While running some errands yesterday I took a cab to the place I was supposed to go. The place was on opposite side of the road and the cabbie had a choice at a crossroad to drop me right outside the building or on the opposite side.
Can you please take the cab straight and drop me right outside that building? I asked him in the national language 
He was quiet for a few seconds 
And then replied “ I can..but...” Again a large pause 
I straight away asked him “ You can - but you won’t? Or You will? Give me a straight reply” 
He waited a few seconds and said” If I drop you on the opposite side madam - my cab will get stuck in that lane. I have to go from here to Prabhadevi and if I do not reach in 15 mins it will be a problem “
I again asked him “ So will you be dropping me on this side of the road or the opposite “
Finally he said - It will be difficult to drop you on opposite side because I ll take lot of time to take a U turn”
The fell…