Art of communicating Authentically

The Art of communicating Authentically in formal situations 
While running some errands yesterday I took a cab to the place I was supposed to go. The place was on opposite side of the road and the cabbie had a choice at a crossroad to drop me right outside the building or on the opposite side.
Can you please take the cab straight and drop me right outside that building? I asked him in the national language 
He was quiet for a few seconds 
And then replied “ I can..but...” Again a large pause 
I straight away asked him “ You can - but you won’t? Or You will? Give me a straight reply” 
He waited a few seconds and said” If I drop you on the opposite side madam - my cab will get stuck in that lane. I have to go from here to Prabhadevi and if I do not reach in 15 mins it will be a problem “
I again asked him “ So will you be dropping me on this side of the road or the opposite “
Finally he said - It will be difficult to drop you on opposite side because I ll take lot of time to take a U turn”
The fell…

Relationships for Joy

Being all by yourself is dangerously empowering..
Many relationships are formed as a result of ‘fear of being alone’ . But the truth is you are always self sufficient. When you get to know your authentic self,enjoy your own company, when you love spending time all by yourself and when you love yourself fiercely- you ll become super power - practically invincible . Now in that place - relationships are joy ..happiness ..contribution..not ‘need based’
This creates empowering relationships where you are teammates,best friends and each other’s strongest support. They aren’t need based ,nor fear based.

Create harmonious loving relationships
Rather than one out of compromise and fear

Be in relationship because it is joy to be.

Speed Breakers in life

*Do you stop when hit by a speed breaker?*

When you are driving on the road and you encounter a speed breaker. Do you stop and crib that your “ drive is terrible or unfair “ or cry and feel miserable about driving.
Or do you feel its a part of the journey. A good driver would see a speed breaker from distance reduce his speed a bit so that the ride doesn’t get bumpy and return back to the speed once you pass the speed breaker. A good driver knows how to handle a speed breaker. Sometimes speed breakers only save you from accidents. So remember stay calm when you see them.

Life is like that. Imagine when you are working on your goals and all of sudden face a bumpy breaker. Do you give up and say it is impossible to achieve or do you just tweak your life to find a way? Do you understand that they are just speed breakers and have patience and faith. And understand life is a journey and no matter what you ll achieve your goals!

Remember that no matter how much tired you are in life and wh…

Mood Shifters

Mood shifters and the 'Law of Attraction '
When you are happy you ll attract your desires fast. Manifestation is instant. This is because happiness attracts happiness. Your vibrations bring you closer to what you desire.
So you will say, " how can i be happy if I didn't get the promotion or was stuck in traffic or just had a heated argument with my boss?"
So here is a trick. After any such event which made you feel bad or sad or upset you can use a " happiness switch" 
Have you ever walked in the scorching sun at midday for an hour soaring and perspiring at 36 degrees celsius and then reached home to switch the Air Conditioner on and felt instant relief. How was that possible? You were sweating about 10 minutes ago and it was too hot. So how did you manage to feel comfortable within 10 minutes?
It is simple.. You turned the air conditioner on and things changed.  Similarly, you have the remote control to your air conditioner of happiness. I call these 'ha…

3 years to Unicorninsight-If you can’t find your ideal job go create it

3 years ago as I was not getting the exact kind of job as a Trainer which I was looking for as prospective employers gave me all weird reasons of not having experience .. bad markets .. too much weather problems .. money issues ..bla bla bla

I had 2 choices
- To go back and cry that the ‘reality‘ is bad and my dreams are impossible
- Do something out if box for my middle class mind : become an entrepreneur

I created the job overnight by becoming an Entrepreneur. Remember Unemployment is the mother of Entrepreneurship. If you have quit or even lost a job - it is not that you aren’t good. The Universe trying to take you to your true destination

Its was midnight I was talking to my bff Monica about playing with this idea of starting on my own instead of waiting for some one to offer me a job as a trainer. And she said “wow ash kar na. Mag tar tu entrepreneur hoshil”
We kept on talking till 2 am in the morning and discussed all possible names for the company from  as magical as “ Diag…

Are you listening to yourself or others?

Strong Vs Weak 

(Please note all names of the characters have been changed to keep their identity secret)
There is a trouble in some fundamentals currently. Most of our earthlings have not been taught to decipher strong vs weak in current world. What amazes me more is the definitions seem to have reversed under the disguise of being a responsible adult.
Not able to understand what I am saying?  Ok let me give you examples
Example 1: So last week I met a client for coaching and card reading -who was dealing with a very difficult situation as she was having issues at her workplace primary because she hated the job she was doing . Anjali (name changed) is a software engineer working with one of the biggest software companies and earning well. However she doesn’t enjoy her work. And she never did. Right from day 1 she did not like it. 

when I asked her why she chose that job -she said it was because of parents wanted her to do that and being a good student in school -her teachers and mentors sec…

Quick Read - Being in Tao

Received this beautiful message a forward from. A friend. Worth reading

There was a great drought where [Richard] Wilhelm lived.
For months there had not been a drop of rain and the situation became catastrophic. The Catholics made processions, the Protestants made prayers, and the Chinese burned joss-sticks and shot off guns to frighten away the demons of the drought - but with no result.

Finally the Chinese said, ‘We will fetch the rain-maker.’ And from another province a dried up old man appeared. The only thing he asked for was a quiet little house somewhere, and there he locked himself in, for three days.

On the fourth day the clouds gathered and there was a great snow-storm at the time of the year when no snow was expected, an unusual amount, and the town was so full of rumours about the wonderful rain-maker that Wilhelm went to ask the man how he did it.

In true European fashion he said: ‘They call you the rain-maker; will you tell me how you made the snow?’

And the little Chi…