Changing Friendships on the Path of Personal Growth

Changing friends and relationships on the path of growth 
In the last 7-8 years a lot of changes happened over my friendships and other relationships . As you grow in life your friendships and relationships change. It can be difficult initially but once you flow with life you ll outgrow them and you ll be blessed with better and more vibrationally compatible beings.
A lot of people exited my life. A lot of people who were my close circle of friends for decades turned mere acquaintances. A lot of folks whom I thought would be there for me in my difficult times were just not there. Some were there in my difficult times but refused to stay in happier times. And yet a very few stayed and sat with me on my toughest days and celebrated with me on my happiest days 
When I created healthy boundaries - the ones who benefited from me having no boundaries got offended and finally I left. A lot of toxic folks got offended when I stood up for myself. I yet have some amazing friends right from those I…

Impact of Solstice Gateway 21/06/20

Impact of Solstice Gateway 21/06/20

As we walk through this big gateway of the Solar Eclipse on the New moon of Solstice - a huge portal is opening up for us all . It is also celebrated as Fathers Day - with father sky witnessing this transformation

We are entering a new place. A new vibration and a new era - transmuting fear to love,transmuting separation consciousness to union consciousness, transmuting ego for God and transmuting uncertainty for possibilities.

In the next 5-10 years - many of you will find their calling and pursue it. Many will migrate or reverse migrate and will be comfortable in their own shell. The ones who choose will unite with their divine partners. The third dimensional world has fallen apart - and as we move to the 5th dimension we all will be given a choice- Whether to be in 4th or 5th or even higher dimensions. Those sticking to old 3rd dimensional ways might face a lot of difficulty. So like a caterpillar emerge out. Your wings are already there

You ll …

Are you a highly sensitive person?

#bullying #groupism #highlysensitiveperson

Nepotism Bullying Groupism exists in all industries. Even in Corporate culture - in companies with good work culture.

Many people ignore and keep feeling bad about themselves and dont speak up against a Bully at work or a Boss who just puts you down by saying “ but you are very average “. It is only because they feel they have no choice. Or rather they value the job over these matters.
But what if you are a Highly Sensitive Person.

I quit my high profile corporate job 5 years ago to choose mental peace over office politics. It was difficult but I chose it. Yes Exiting the matrix and allowing you to choose your Mental Well being is important.

Many times we let our worth be determined by those around us. We are so caught up in the Matrix or the Chakravhyuha that we feel we are helpless

Understand that - your worth is not determined by that piece of paper called appraisal. Or your salary or your title.

Mental Health awareness is need of an hour…

Women and Body Hatred

“You have lost weight . tell me what you do ? Is it Zumba?” my friend Radha began this conversation as we met for a brunch during Christmas holidays
“Look at me so fat. I have nt had time to workout or diet ” Rina added sulking her face
I decided not to comment. I did not want to get into my ‘Coach ‘ Mode
And then after talking , eating and sipping coffees - it was time for the group selfie.
“Ash you go in the front- we all will stand behind you” - Richa said “ My closeup face looks fat yaa and my skin is terrible.“
We smiled as we clicked pictures. “ oh shit delete the pic- I look fat. Look at my arms they are so ugly “ Revati blurted
“ Yuck my teeth look bad - ash take one more selfie and my double chin oh no” Rani was so upset
Can you relate to the situation?
Let me tell you the truth
I hadn’t really lost any weight
Rina is definitely not fat
Richa has a very good skin too
Rani has a beautiful smile and no double chin
And Revati’s arms are not huge 
We women have only been taught …

Happy Mothers Day- To All the Women who are not yet Moms

Do you just become mom by giving birth?
It is easy to write happy mothers day to all lovely moms who are experiencing joy of motherhood after giving birth. Motherhood is joy . It is difficult too at times but it is all worth.
But today’s article is not just forBiological Moms. It is for all those who have been shamed for not been Moms yet. Are you one of them?

Time and Again as a Tarot reader I face a question by clients “ When will we become parents /When Will i get pregnant? “ As a Consciousness facility I keep getting asked” Can you give me clearings so that we become parents soon” And as a wellness coach I have been meeting clients who are facing so many emotions  Frustration for not being able to conceiveGuilt for not bearing a child yetStress for when will they get pregnant Judgement for “enjoying life without kids”Being called everything from Selfish to Infertile and Irresponsible I know women who have broken down in front of me for not being “ good women” because they are yet not bi…

Your Life Purpose ‘ Ikigai’ and story of Lord Hanuman

One of the most amazing TV series I recently rediscovered is the epic Ramayana of 1980s. May be the old school me never really liked the Netflix series and hence I could never binge watch other than a select few.
I guess my generation was too young to understand the learnings in Ramayan when it was telecast on TV in 1980s. However now the 30 something us are really enjoying watching it. 
Todays post came to me while watching the episode that was telecasted today.  I have heard this story from my Dad .I remember co- facilitating the Brain Train program with my dear friend and colleague Ridhima Dua in January 2016 in Pune where we had discussed this story being told by our senior participant Vibhakar Vaidya uncle ( my friend Prajakta’s Dad)
In the epic Ramayana - when Seeta mata was kidnapped by the Demon king Ravana - Lord Ram sent the Vanar Sena ( Army of Monkeys) being led by Lord Hanuman himself along with the Vanar prince Angad and Learned Bear King Jambavant in search of Seeta mata. …

The Shift of 4/4/2020

Timelines Collapse - Shifts happen and Vibrations raise. New Earth getting created

Do you know what happens when a new version of iOs or android gets updated on your phone? Your phone shuts down. You can’t use it

Exactly the same is happening. Light codes from the higher frequencies are getting downloaded and are being installed in each and every ones energetic subtle body. Hence we are healing. So is mother earth. So are the flora fauna.  The lockdown is giving us a chance to rest as we are upgrading. Just like our so called smart phones

The pandemic typically seems to affect human respiratory system. If you  have studied energy science- the Anahata chakra or the heart centre governs respiratory system along with the Visshuddha Chakra or Throat centre.

Heart Chakra is all about finding and acknowledging your deepest desires. Your deepest desires make you aware of who you truly are. And making peace with it without judging yourself. Many times we go into our wrongness as wha…