How does Energy medicine work

So how does Energy Medicine work

- Everything is energy and there are atoms molecules everywhere
- When you tap into the quantum field of energy and use your mind to create a favourable outcome using affirmations and visualisations you tap into that energy of the favourable outcome eg: Mr Xyz is healed and healthy
- You keep affirming it even if there are little or no changes
- Sometimes even the reports might say there are no changes and there isn’t any cure
- Days pass and you keep focus only on the outcome that the person is 100% normal or fit
- Meanwhile you see what are the underlying emotions which has caused this ailment
- As an energy medicine practitioner you never tell your clients to stop or change medicines
- You still ask them to visualise them as perfect and healthy
- In the higher realms now your client is fully healthy and fit
- Someone either goes to a new physician for a second opinion or the original physician changes drugs
- This time it works overnight
- Actually…

My Encounter with Unicorns and How They Guided Me to My Calling

My Encounter with Unicorns and How They Guided Me to My Calling

Post my Reiki Masters attunement my life became a series of miracles and things which were out of the world. In those days I used to do 2 things after work. 1. Pray intensely for myself and my family 2. Meditate and do a lot of self healing with Reiki

Within 3 months of the Masters Training and in a month of my Angelic Healer Master training – I had one major breakthrough in my career. I had an opportunity to travel abroad for a work assignment. I was waiting for this opportunity since I began my corporate career or maybe much before that since I was in MBA school. In my MBA school days, I used to daydream about sitting in an overseas office working at my desk and seeing snow outside. As you think you create.  In the extreme winter, I landed in the beautiful City of London where the temperature was -5 degrees – an extreme of 27 degrees in Mumbai.
This opportunity gave me great work exposure beyond what I was working in Mumbai. …

Inverse Paranoid

*How to be an Inverse Paranoid?*
By Ashwini Chube

"You are too ambitious..It wont work...try to be cant do it" Is this all we hear from those around us? Then how do we chase our dreams? How do we believe in the world full of skepticism

After recently meeting Jack Canfield -I reread an article by him telling us to be inverse  paranoid in the pursuit of our dreams.In short adopting Pronoia in our life.But how do we do that in today's world full of unhealthy competition, negative beliefs and frustrated co workers.

The concept of "Pronoia" or "Inverse Paranoia"  was mentioned by Dr. Fred H. Goldner of Queens College in the 1980s. Pronoia is nothing but the opposite of paranoia. A person experiencing pronoia feels that  the Universe conspiring in their favour and for their good

Here is my guide to the step by step process

1) Look for the opportunity in everything.As if it is an opportunity sent for you in pursuit of your dreams to take you …

Are you willing to be happy or want to fit in?

How many times we are scared to be happy? How many times you feel people will judge you if you are happy? How many times you feel if you are happy you ll attract an evil eye?

These all is just a conditioning a belief system that is highly fear based and imbibed in us .. implanted in us as a part of this reality we live in. 
As a child I was always very happy just for no reason... my life was and has always been amazing. While growing up my peer group often judged me as shallow or not too serious or even stupid for being happy. I was the odd being out as in the world of serious and sad people who took life seriously.
To fit in the peer group I tried to get serious but still my original nature of being happy prevailed. I attracted different comments from  “ Isko kuch farak nahi padta ( it doesn’tmake any difference to her)- especially when people were studying for exams  “ you got to be serious about life”- When I used to be happy even in difficult situations  to “ Hey comedy - chal humko hasa …

An Open letter from a spiritual coach to anyone who asks for free advice, walks on our boundaries or treats us casually

We are coaches healers therapists teachers counsellors trainers motivators. We have our own families, responsibilities,friends, romantic relationships, work commitments, social interests,hobbies. In short We have a life.
Yes we are helping you  to deal with your lives. We know it is difficult for you and we are ready to help you. But please don't ask for free advice. Don't say I want to meet you in a coffee shop which means you want to meet us to dump your problems on us and take our advice for free. It takes a lot of energy listening to your problems. And a lot of time too. Our time and energy is much more valuable than you may think. 
We have spent years together learning to master various therapies and we are not perfect ..we are still learning .We have spent even more hours practicing doing homework. We have even spent much much more time in doing meditations and inner journey . We have invested a lot of money in leaning and studying . We too have bad days terrible days wher…

Haters gonna hate you - judge you .Does judgement give you money ?

Very recently one of the most influential industrial families of India - the Ambanis hosted a grand big fat wedding for their daughter Isha. The Indian Media went gaga over the celebration. The Indian common men and women (who actually have only 1% of the bank balance as compared to Ambanis) apparently went on and on trolling about how pathetic the wedding was and how much money they spent.
Priyanka Chopra one of the lead Bollywood and Hollywood actress too got trolled for marrying Nick Jonas just because he is a decade younger to her. Internet trollers called her everything from aunty to babysitter. Recently when she posted a romantic picture of her with her husband  the same trollers continued to mock make fun and judge her.
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh too were trolled for having “ bad dress sense” in their grand wedding 
Now in all the above 3 examples- whether it is Mukesh Ambani or Priyanka Nick or Deepika Ranveer- are these all really affected? Do you th…

You are enough

You are Enough!!

Valentines Day and truth about Self Love

By Ashwini Chube

It’s important to understand what self love is. Self Love isn’t some fancy word .
Most people prefer to ‘mock’ the concept of self love . They don’t even know what it means. For many self love means eating a big dessert full of sugar and saying I am treating myself ..infact the sugar may be doing more self hatred to you than love. The fact that we seek something external to feel loved itself is a wrong notion.

It’s amazing to have loved ones in our life but note that if you don’t love yourself enough it will reflect on your relationship with your significant other and rather than addressing it internally you ll just keep blaming them. Some of the most happy n healthy couples have ample self love as the base for their relationship

Love truly comes from within. Whatever is happening from outside is only a mere reflection of the way you are treating yourself.

Ofcourse we were not taught life skills like - self lo…